Our Trade Test Centre

Our Centre functions as a “Trade Test Centre” for almost all the major recruiting agencies, operating in Pakistan. Bin Adam Trade Test Centre is the most modern and well-equipped training centre for the building and construction industry in Pakistan. Trade Test Centre is enjoying good reputation and ensure proper trade test with due care, responsibility based on honest and strict observations & physical checking.

We feel proud that a very heavy percentage of our Trained Personnel succeeded in securing lucrative employment, mostly abroad. Not a single person, trained by us, has ever been rejected or returned to Pakistan, on the grounds that the individual was not considered fit for the job. It shows our high standard of training.

For training & testing purposes Trade Test Centre has at our disposal highly qualified and well experienced Instructors, Technicians and Engineers with increased facilities for the Training of personnel in all the Technical fields. Our sole aim has been to produce well trained personnel who could adequately meet the standard of skill and performance as demanded by the employer.