1- Initially we require following documents for recruitment of manpower to overseas destinations:

(a) An Appropriate Power of Attorney

(b) A Letter of Demand

(c) For recruitment to Saudi Arabia we also require authorization letter by the employer to the Embassy.

(d) Points A and B above required to be attested as under:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of employment.
  • The Embassy of Pakistan in the country of employment.

Document number c for Saudi Arabia is only required to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country.

2-   After receiving power of attorney and letter of demand, a written permission from protector of Emigrant (Government of Pakistan) is taken.

3-   A Foreign Service Agreement is signed between Jobs and Hire (on behalf of employer) as a First Party and the emigrant (employee) as a Second Party. This agreement is later required to be approved by the Protector of Emigrant (Govt. of Pakistan).

4-   Each Emigrant is required to produce a Medical Certificate.

5-   Submission for passports for endorsement of visa after selection of candidates. In other cases, we wait for visas from employer for countries where visas are issued individually by name.

6- Time line for recruitment process components:

Permission obtained from Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan = 1 to 2 days

Advertisement and Provisional Selection = 4 to 10 days

Visa Endorsement by Embassy/Consulate = 4 to 12 days

Personal Insurance = 1 to 2 days

Signing and Approval of F.S.A by (Emigration Office) = 1 to 2 days

Ticketing = 1 to 2

Our Selection Procedure

Selection procedure consists of following steps

  1. On receipt of employment demand from employer with related official documents permission from concerned government authorities is taken.
  2. After permission we advertise our demand on electronic, print, digital and social media channels.
  3. We also look for available relevant profiles from our huge databank, local factories, Ministry of Labor, vocational and technical institutes, other affiliated and relevant agencies and our existing networks.
  4. After this we compile this profile database according to relevancy of the position, experience and past track record of the individuals.
  5. Preliminary screening and initial interviews are conducted in our own premises through interviewing staff having experience in the same trade/skills/profession.
  6. Sometimes written tests and trade skill testing is required for the applicants. These trade/skill testing is conducted on actual work places having same physical and professional environment as required by the employer.
  7. Apart from above, following points are also taken care:
    1. Background of the candidate, his/her social conduct and behavior, self-confidence, verbal ability, communication level, involvement in the political activities, work capacity, decision making skills, attitude, belief in critical situations etc.
    2. Psychological, analytical and behavioral testing in case of highly skilled professionals.
    3. Detailed medical certification according to requirements of the particular country.
  1. The final selection of the applicant is made by carefully observing all required skills set through unanimous decision of the placement committee, testing and interviewing staff and the representative of the overseas principal.